Sara: Writer. Poet. Dreamer.


I’m Sara. Writer. Poet. Dreamer.

And this? This is my playground.

I am the girl who chased a wild horse; a woman who has finally recognized her passion – no – her absolute, unbridled, imperative NEED to sketch the world in words.

I write to incite you to take the leap into owning who you are and what you want out of life. I am chasing down a life of courage, confidence and compassion and I want you to come along for the ride.

Capital Slam at Mercury LoungeI am a poet and spoken word artist drawing on my background in theater to manifest the power of words and connect with audiences. I fell in love with the stage before I could spell my own name and I now compete in the lively and beautiful Ottawa slam poetry scene. As a top four finisher in the VERSeOttawa Womens’ Slam Championship, I was a featured performer at VERSeFest 2013. Check out She Speaks for details on my upcoming shows or to book an appearance.

I am a freelance writer and editor specializing in transforming the hopelessly technical into straight talk that resonates with readers. I have over five years of experience writing and editing policy and research documents in the public sector. I’m also an experienced blogger. I’ve written content for The Write Practice, a 2012 Top Blogs for Writers honoree; for All Groan Up, a popular blog for Gen Yers and 20-somethings; and of course for my own blog, To Chase a Wild Horse.


Feel a spark? Spread the fire!

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