When Ending is the Only Way to Begin Again

Endings are sad. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, but we all go through it.

Engings are painful, but if nothing ever ended, we would never have the joy of experiencing new beginnings.

That’s where I’m at. The End. So I can begin again.

And here’s a poem about endings, because it’s Friday.

Your Starry Sky

I asked for my space,
Because the light of your face,
Tends to fade out the stars
Leaving me without my navigational charts
I can’t find my way to visions of someday,
And the shore I’ve been searching for
Without the wide open air
And the night wind in my hair
I’m a creature of open places,
And solitary traces.

I’m still looking for the one,
but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you
That’s the part that’s confusing,
And has got me musing
Whether I can say I love your face
Wrapped up tight in your embrace
And not have it sound a lie
‘Cause I’m searching the starry skies,
For an unknown variable correlation,
The solution to my equation,
That one statistically significant other.

I asked for my space
But there is no definitive answer,
To the mystery of chemistry.
When dreams of distant supernova leave me blind
You are solar flare interference in my dueling mind
All I see is the light in your eyes,
Fading out the starry skies.


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