Forward Motion: Of Ambition and Complacency

I’ve been thinking lately about ambition.

And complacency.

Is it always best to be ambitious?

To want promotions and prestige?

Is any and all upward motion forward motion?

In some areas of life I have been ambitious and I continue to move forward:

  • Owning and renovating an income property is nothing if not ambitious. Okay, it might also be a little crazy, but strangely a lot like fun.
  • I’d say casting the “writing net” far and wide to encompass slam poetry, fiction, humour, opinion pieces, freelance editing and slice-of-life articles is also pretty ambitious.

One area where I’ve been less than ambitious (fine, downright complacent) is in the area of my gainful employment.

I’ve become comfortable.

Why hustle to move up the ranks? Why give it more than competence, a positive attitude and my daily eight hours? Why entertain the ambition of upward mobility?

It seems I’ve become complacent about Career.

I have a good enough excuse: my art and my real estate could occupy enough of my time, energy and interest to keep me busy and bustling until the sun burns itself out. Why sweat career when I have so much else going on?

But I must not be fully entrenched in my complacency yet, because I still feel a twinge of guilt about not hustling in career life. I feel like I should be trying to excel at everything. It’s like I’m back at school with five subjects to juggle and I have to ace them all to make the grade.

But maybe it’s time to stop being to Jack of all Trades.

Or maybe it isn’t.

Maybe it’s time to stop being complacent and just be present.

To be fully dedicated to the task at hand.

If I’m at the career place, I should be fully committed to the career thing. Otherwise, aren’t I just drifting through it and wishing the hours away? A person could wish their whole life away.

So rather than sitting tight, waiting to make a grand escape into my real life, maybe I need to bring a little life into all areas where I spend my time.

It isn’t really about ambition or complacency; it’s about forward motion.

How can those eight daily career hours be better utilized in pursuit of confidence and the abundant life?


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