101 Ways to Be Alive

Today I’m giving you an assignment: Make a list of 101 things you want to do in life.

They can be little and they can be huge.

They can be thrilling adventures and they can be quiet pleasures.

I made a list like this a few years ago and without referring to it again, I managed to check off several of the medium sized wishes. Once I had written them down they dug into my mind and I was compelled to seek them out! A few even made my list of wild horses.

Imagine what new passions are just waiting for you to chase them down!

Make a list and you may discover 101 ways to be alive!

Did you come up with 101? Be sure to post your favorites in the comments!


2 thoughts on “101 Ways to Be Alive

  1. I’m at 72 of 100 (72 things on the list.. not 72 things done!)
    some of them include earning $1 million a year in my business
    donating 1 million to a charity
    going to space
    start a school that teaches kids how to have a successful life instead of just how to work at a job
    have a cottage in the woods by a lake – with a zip-line or Tarzan rope over the water!
    going to visit many places like Maui, Carcassone, Paris, Rome…
    then there are fun things that don’t require a lot of money.. like building a calvin and hobbes type snowman scene!
    learning to play guitar, go scuba diving, go kayaking…

    it’s hard to get to 100 when you want to leave the easy stuff off the list 🙂

  2. Hi Lee, thanks for stopping by! 72 is a pretty good number especially if you’re leaving out the easy stuff. My list of 101 from a few years ago tended to repeat itself, which was a clue to me as to what I should be doing!.Sailing, climbing and horseback riding popped up in a few different incarnations in my list and wouldn’t you know it, I went out and did those things and fell in love with sailing and climbing.
    My new list is more ambitious and I’ve started to include career hopes and writing dreams I had never even considered before. It’s amazing what new adventures present themselves over time.
    I hope you do get your Tarzan rope and cottage!

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