A Case for Mondays

It’s Monday and you’re probably none too happy to be heading back into your 9 to 5 world.

Before you disappear into your cube, take a moment to imagine that you are exactly where you want to be today. What does it look like to be you on a Monday in your ideal life? What are you creating? What are you contributing? In what context could you greet everyone you meet today with a huge smile and sincere calls of ‘happy Monday’?

Take this moment to visualize your blissful life.


Good, now throw that away.

Today is your life and you are everything you need to be. Quit wishing you were elsewhere and start moving yourself in the direction of your passions already!

Today is the only day, Monday or not, so get excited about life and do something with your dreams! Don’t let the day of the week determine your outlook and derail your ambitions.

Smile today, your life is now and you are enough. Today’s you is dream you, so get out there and start acting like it!


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