Is Rest a Four-Letter Word?

I see you. You’ve got your hands in so many projects I think you must lead a very exciting life.

I see you. You’re making every moment count, stretching yourself like a rubber band.

Enough, love.

It’s time to stop.

The only pursuit you haven’t jumped into wholeheartedly is rest.

Rest is not a four-letter word.

The earth will not careen out of orbit if you take a moment to breathe. The sky will not crash down around you if you shrug its weight off your shoulders.

It’s time to stop running from quiet moments spent entirely alone with nothing but your heartbeat and the summer breeze to keep you company.

Resting is the hardest work you can do, but it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. I would give it to you if I could, but this isn’t my fight to win.

You are enough. It’s time to rest.


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