To Live the Life Abundant

By MissaraleeLife is just bursting with joy, adventure and wild animals. It’s one big safari and we just need to keep our eyes open and take in all the amazing sights.

Keep your childlike wonder. Be disciplined in remembering to play and laugh and enjoy every experience.

What are we here for? To work ourselves to death? To be bored and to pay taxes?


We are here to experience life and to do whatever we feel like doing. Today is the only day to start living.

I sailed a boat because I wanted to and ran races for kicks. I dipped my head into an icy waterfall and walked on the ocean floor. I snorkeled in Caribbean waters, swam with the sharks and nurtured orphaned birds. I built a catapult and a pirate ship. I ran barefoot in the forest and rode a horse on mountain trails. I grew an orange tree from seed.

You have to look around and take every chance to live it up.

Forget your bucket list, you need a TODAY list.

What can you to do to make today an adventure? Try an exotic food, walk down a new street, say hello to a stranger, or better still, compliment a complete stranger on their excellent taste in walking shoes.

Go! Live the abundant life. No adventure is too small. No day is too short to make it happen.


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