What If You Had a Blank Slate?

What if you could wipe your slate clean and start over?

Would you live differently today if you were free of the burden of past mistakes and regrets?

Every day is a blank slate.

Today, your story is the one you are writing right now.

All you have is this moment.

The past has already slipped by like a shooting star in the night sky and the future is a vapour that cannot be grasped.

Whether you feel it right now or not, you are in control of your story. Only you can choose what you will do with each moment.

Forget about circumstances, past and present. Don’t waste this moment worrying about what will happen next.

Don’t let yesterday’s failure clutter up today’s art.

If you have a dream, chase it. Now is the only time to start. 

Pick up your blank state and write the story you have always wanted to live.


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