Bowing to Experts

“Before beginning any new program of independent thinking please seek the advice of a qualified expert.”

Ah, the expert phenomenon. We all seem to be particularly attached to the quaint old concept of the ‘expert,’ the ‘professional’ and of course the ‘authority.’ You can usually identify them by the embossed sheets of paper framed on their wall.

The thing about experts is:
No one person can know everything that needs knowing and nobody, not even experts, are ever done learning.

Not all experts are created equal: some read the books of others and think they are done when they receive their little embossed diploma and some just never stop reading, learning and growing.

New information is new and a designation of expertise does not guarantee that your expert is in the know. These are people that have to learn in real time, not antivirus software that can be updated instantly over the net.

Don’t bow to experts.

What I’m NOT saying is that you shouldn’t look to others smarter and more experienced than you are for information. By all means stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from their work and insights.

What I AM saying is that you shouldn’t let others make your decisions for you or tell you who you are. Don’t bow to experts, they are your peers whether they think so or not.
No one is more of an expert on the subject of you than you are and you are an experiment all your own with a sample size of N=1.


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