Reinventing the Wheel

When an energetic upstart’s dreams and ideas start to make her peers anxious, she is suddenly confronted with the refrains: “stop trying to reinvent the wheel” and “we’ve tried this before!”

What her peers are saying is that it’s wasted effort to try and reinvent a perfectly good solution.

On the surface this might look like wisdom: why abandon the tried and true solutions if you already have a well functioning tool, such as the wheel, that solves common problems like moving a heavy load long distances?

What if the dreamer, instead of giving in to common sense, asks the question: is it possible that this wheel is not a wheel at all?

Not every aspect of the conventional wisdom acts as a true wheel that helps humanity carry their heavy loads.

Dreamers and dissenters look past the generally accepted solutions and give birth to a better world.

Could you invent a wheel that no one else could have imagined?


Feel a spark? Spread the fire!

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