Saying Yes to Life

Saying yes can change everything. I love movies for their ability to take the loneliness out of life. I can see that somebody else, somewhere, even just the scriptwriter, has been through trying times. My favorite movies are the ones where the main character learns something about their own heart and finds the courage to say yes to life and take a chance on their dreams.
When I’m feeling down and have lost my courage for life I inevitably reach for one of two movies: Stranger than Fiction and Yes Man. Both stories are about going on a journey that takes them from saying no to saying yes. These movies offer an idea, an ideal even, of figuring out what you want and taking hold of it, no matter how mundane.
A new favorite, just added to the list this week gives us a little more to work with. Now, although buying a zoo is probably not the answer to all of life’s problems, this story shares a little nugget of wisdom that’s got some pep and sticking power: twenty seconds of ridiculous courage is all it takes to change everything. Say yes, even for half a minute, and the results could be amazing!
Even the faintest of heart can grab hold of that strength that lives in every heart for twenty seconds to make something happen today. The clock is ticking, what are you going to do with twenty seconds?


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