Mom Was Once a Little Girl

Do you have a momma? A mom, a mother, a ma, a mommy?

Protect her.

Your momma carried you around, sat up with you, rubbed your back and held your hair when you were icky and sick. Mom didn’t leave you on the side of the road when you threw a tantrum (even if she really wanted to).

If you have a momma, the sooner you understand that’s she’s just a little girl, the sooner you can have a healthier adult relationship with her.

Mom changed your diapers so mom will also feel that mom knows best. Her mom changed her diapers, and even though mom is 50 and Grammy is 71, mom is Grammy’s baby girl and Grammy knows best (even if both now wear adult diapers, just in case).

Your mom was a woman before she was mom. She was a teenager before that, a little lady in cute, frilly pink bloomers before that, and an itty bitty widdle baby before that.

Protect your momma. Don’t let people run your momma down. People includes YOU.

Don’t be mouthy with your momma.

Be the first to apologize when you fight.

Kiss her on the cheek when you hug her and get her a band aid and some ice when she trips over your-stupid-footstool-that-I-warned-you-to-move-out-of-the-way-at-LEAST-four-times. Whatever you do, don’t respond with “yeah, well its my house and you should look where you’re swinging your big feet.” That’ll earn you the five-point-palm-exploding-ego comeback that will gut your self-esteem as you turn to walk away. Moms may just be little girls as I suggest, but when it comes to arguments they are ninja masters with Jedi mind powers.

Special powers and samurai swords notwithstanding, protect your momma, treat her well and don’t wait until you have your own kids to finally “get it.”

There are caveats to every advice, use your brain. But, don’t say “you don’t know what MY mother is like!” Fair enough, but I DO know how unbecoming it is for a grown person to stomp their feet and pull long faces, no matter who their mother is.


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