Cement Shoes

Are you stuck in a rut, feeling under appreciated or just plain bored with your career?
To revive your passion you need to spot your wild horse and start chasing after it. Today!

Wild horse, you say?

A few years ago I was participating in a visioning session with InterVarsity. We were told to empty our minds and just let images and thoughts surface. I waited and waited, pushing away thoughts about what was for lunch and wondering whether we were going to play ultimate later.

When my mind had finally found a quiet space, a herd of wild horses came galloping through my thoughts. It was so vivid I could see them running over endless prairies, tossing their manes and kicking up dust.

Being from eastern Canada and not a horse person, this kind of took me by surprise. I like horses well enough, but since I hadn’t ridden one since I was four, they weren’t really a front of mind topic for me.

But oh the feeling I got in my chest from that imaginary herd! A wild joy and galloping energy like when I’m excited about a project or an idea or driving with the windows down on the first sunny day of spring.

So it stuck and became a personal metaphor for dreams and adventures; I even put it into use as a shorthand for when I’m talking with my girl RW about life over coffee.

I become giddy when talking about local architecture and urban planning; rapturous about someday opening my own cafe; and just plain intense when talking about mentorship and building community. These are my wild horses; they give me crazy joy.

Right now I’m not involved in those areas; I work in a completely adequate career that bores and exasperates me by measures.

If I continue to wear complacency and a lack of confidence like a pair of cement shoes I’ll miss my chance at joy. Same goes for you.

This blog is all about learning perspective and gaining confidence in the gifts and abilities you already have.

Quit telling yourself that you can’t and chase that wild horse already!


Feel a spark? Spread the fire!

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