Define: Wild Horse

1.  (idiomatic) A force not subject to human control and normally stronger than a man. (wiktionary)

2. (metaphoric) an idea, a passion, a crazy, half formed notion. It’s a reason to get up in the morning. It’s a subject to lean into and talk excitedly about over coffee. (missaralee)

A wild horse is like a rushing, anxious joy in your chest. It’s a living, pulsing freedom. It fills your mind with stars.

Can you see the dust kicked up by a thousand hooves?

Can you feel the drum beat as the strength of this wild herd drives forward?

To chase a wild horse is to run with wind whipping past, chewing up miles of ground. To give chase under saphire skies alongside the tawny eagle.

A wild horse is a dream of the heart: a longing, an imperative. You can either be swept up by it and race after it or you can risk losing your velocity and swiftness.

Wild horses are bold and ancient. They are elusive, they don’t stand in one place for long. If you spot one in the canyon belly be courageous and fleet of foot because if you don’t catch up now you may lose the will to run and the fire in your soul will gutter and fade away.

Don’t wait too long.

Don’t consider too hard.

Be watchful and ready for the chase.


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